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  • “Game Design for Prosocial Causes.” United Nations & Game Industry Joint Initiative – Playing for the Planet – Harnessing the Power of Games to Tackle Climate Change. Green Game Jam, March.
  • “Games as Social Transformation.” Cornell Tech Digital Life Initiative, February.
  • Linking Art Practice and Games,” Columbus College of Art, January


  • “Designing Transformative Games,” Games for Impact Poland: International Festival of Games with a Social Impact, National Film Archive, Warsaw, December
  • “Talk and Demo with Mary Flanagan,” Dicebreaker, December
  • “Talk and Demo with Mary Flanagan,” Awshucks, Shut Up & Sit Down Twitch, October
  • “Games and Society,” Tsinghua University, China, July
  • “Ludology,” Dice Tower Network, June
  • “Game Research,” class visit with NYU Graduate Program in Games, April


  • “Algorithms of encouter, algorithms for surprise,” Computational Models and Mimesis, Dartmouth College, July-August
  • “Dawn Chan and Mary Flanagan: On Power and Play in Virtual Worlds,” School of the Art Institute of Chicago, April
  • “Artist’s Talk,” Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, January


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  • “Interactive Narrative and Game Mechanics is Design and Culture,” GameZ & RuleZ Symposium, Zurich Switzerland, November
  • “Prix Forum Art Talks: Interactice Art+ Jury and Award Winners,” Linz Austria, September
  • “My Darling Vampire: Metaphors on Addiction,” Dartmouth Healthcare Foundations, July
  • “Experimental Humanities,” Excellence in Pedagogy and Innovative Classrooms (EPIC) Program Inaugural Conference, UCLA Division of Humanities, April
  • “Change Right Now,” World Economic Forum Tech Pioneers Meeting, San Francisco, March
  • “Art Games: Play at the Margins, Play at the Center” UCLA Design|Media Arts, February 
  • “Human By Design” panel and dinner with Tim Brown, Ideo; Atul Gawande, Harvard;, Stuart Butterfield, founder of slack, World Economic Forum, January 
  • “Putting Jobs Out of Work” panel, with Andy Serwer, Yahoo Finance, Yuval Noah Harari, writer; CVK Vijayakumar, CEO; Arlie Hothschild, anthropologist, World Economic Forum, January 
  • “The Learning Revolution: It’s not about Classrooms” panel, with John Goodwin, Lego Foundation; Brian Ballard, Founder of Upskill; World Economic Forum, January


  •   “Critical Play,” Professor at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts 18 May
  • “Art and the Anthropocene,” Cornell University Society for the Humanities, master class/seminar, April
  • “Social activist design,” USC Class talk, March
  • “Designing Public Participatory Play,” Getty Museum Education Group, March 
  • “Twenty Years of Game Studies (Panel with Janet Murray, Ian Bogost, John Sharp), NYU, February 


  • “Let’s Play – Games with Mary Flanagan,” Centennial Circle Forum, Dartmouth College, April
  • “Digital Rights and the Artist” panel, 18 April at DEN, Dartmouth College, April
  • “Critical Games,” Berkeley Center for New Media’s History and Theory of New Media, Lecture Series, March
  • “Critical Play and Embedded Design,” Carnegie Mellon Center for Arts and Society,  February
  • “Identity in Gaming,” Teacher’s College at Columbia University, Panel with Naomi Clark, Joey Lee and others), Sexuality Women & Gender project & the Office of Diversity Affairs at Teachers College, February


  • “Embedded Design for Social Innovation,” Segal Design Institute on December 2nd to give a talk in the Segal Seminar Series, December
  • “Games that Change the World:  What’s Possible?” Bergen Norway Public Library, September
  • “Ludics Seminar,” Department of the Classics, Harvard University, September
  • “The Psychology of Interventionist Design,” School of Visual Arts, March
  • “Humanist Games: Playful Systems for Critical Thinking,” Fordham Univ. Inaugural Digital, Media Lecture Series, March
  • “Design, Research, and Play” USC Games program Documentary and Activist Games class visit “Global Interventions Through Play,” Global Issues in Design and Visuality of the 21st Century, Parsons The New School for Design NYC, March


  • “Values at Play in Smart Technologies,” University of Toronto, September 
  • “Methodologies to Study Games,” University of Toronto, September 
  • “Power, Information, & Pleasure,” University of Toronto, September 
  • “#1reasonwhybodiesstillmatter,” University of Toronto ,September 
  • “Humor, Play, and Games,” University of Toronto, September 
  • “Playful Aging,” University of Toronto, September
  • “Values at Play in Designed Technology,” The New School NYC, September
  • “Experiential Learning Through Playful Research,” Princeton Club of Dartmouth Alumni, May
  • “Awkward Moments at Work,” Your Future in Science, Dartmouth College Career Building Workshop For Women in Science, April
  • “Experiential Learning,” President’s Leadership Council gathering in NYC, Dartmouth College, April
  • “Games and Gender-Based Violence,” Games for Change Conference NYC , April
  • “Games for Social Change 2.0,” Games for Change Conference NYC, April
  • “Values in Action,” Workshop, Playing for Change Conference Manchester UK, February
  • “A Psychological Approach to Games for Impact,” Psychology and Brain Sciences Colloquium, Dartmouth, February
  • “Humanist Inquiry through Critical Play: Designing and Enacting our Enduring Questions, MIT, January