Mary Flanagan is a professor, speaker and writer widely known for her theories on digital art and game design.

Flanagan has five scholarly books and over fifty articles to her credit; her book Critical Play is standard-issue reading about games and art. She writes essays, poetry, fiction, and journalism for Salon, USA Today, Huffington Post, SF Chronicle, and Gamasutra.


Flanagan is the inaugural chair holder of the Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Professorship in Digital Humanities at Dartmouth College, where she has been a professor since 2008. Her classes include conceptual art classes, video art, game design and digital arts and culture. Students occasionally publish books from their class research. Prior to Dartmouth, she was a renowned professor at Hunter College from 2003 to 2008.


Flanagan founded her research lab, Tiltfactor at Hunter College in 2003. It has since moved to Dartmouth College, where I have been teaching since 2008. At Tiltfactor, we research and design systems to fight inequity. Learn more about it here.


Flanagan was one of the 2018 invited cultural leaders at the World Economic Forum at Davos for her leadership in crafting values-centered technologies.

Games Change How We Think
World Economic Forum 2018

Flanagan’s other recent keynotes include:

“Evidence Based Design,” Games for Change
Festival, New York City 2016